My brief self introduction

I had attended my first Yoga class at Downward Dog a studio in Toronto in 2007. That same year, I went back to Japan and started a 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training course from Holt yoga Institute & Nosara yoga Institute. I completed Nosara yoga RYT200 training in early 2008, and started teaching yoga classes in Japan.

A few years of practicing yoga with Naoko-sensei, the founder of Holt yoga Institute, allowed me to open one of branch yoga studios in Sendai, my hometown in Japan. In 2010, I quit my job as an English teacher and started to manage the studio and teach as a full time yoga teacher.

Since then, many things have  happened as if all those experiences were giving me life lessons. Experiences such as; managing the studio, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, moving the studio, reunion with old friends, and new meetings  with a lot of visitors to the city from inside and outside of the country..

Now, this summer of 2014, I’m already starting my new life in Spain by the support of wonderful people and my wonderful life partner Santi. A year ago, I would never have thought of myself actually living and teaching yoga in Lugo, Spain.  Life is a mystery that’s why it’s fun.

I would like to thank Marta from the  Ailalelo design office in Lugo, who has provided me the space for my practice and support for living in a new place far away from mine.