Let’s do Chair YOGA in JAPANESE JULY!

Let's do YOGA in JAPANESE JULY MEET UP: Brighton Japan Club


This is a meet up event to do 45 minutes of Chair Yoga in Japanese.

This meetup is in Shimaguni language school, Trafalgar Street classroom. We are using chairs in the room to do breathing exercise, meditation and several yoga postures in Japanese.

You don’t need to bring anything! (Max. 8 people) £2 Participation fee. Anyone can join the class.

The room is open from 15 minutes before the event.

*Yoga and Japanese beginners are very welcome!


場所はSHIMAGUNI語学学校 トラファルガー・ストリート教室です。クラスルームの椅子を使って、45分間ヨガの呼吸法やポーズを体験します。持ち物は特にありません。開始15分前から教室に入れます。定員:8名 参加費:£2