Pranassage New Year Session £10 for 45 minutes :)

January 6th Wednesday and 9th Saturday only 
45 minutes Pranassage session for £10☆
 January 6th Wednesday & 9th Saturday
 ①14:00-14:45 ②15:00-15:45 ③16:15-17:00
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is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in your multi dimensional self. The receiver doesn’t need to know about Yoga, just lie down on the mat and the giver( I ) will bring your body to yoga postures. We both will experience the sequence of present moment and be the witnesses of what’s arising and passing away.

In the Session

When two bodies meet, prana flows; just like two batteries together creates powerful energy. All you need is to relax and lie down on the mat. The giver( I ) will listen to your body and bring your body to the yoga postures. By receiving Pranassage, you will feel rejuvenated, holistically balanced, and come back to the centre of your being like coming home of who you really are.