Tamar (dancer and dance teacher)

I have finally found a Yoga class which is perfect for me. Maki has way of bringing me to a restorative state, through gentle exercises which have an in-depth effect. She often speaks of movement meditation and I feel that’s exactly what it is. I never feel the time go by. (Tadaima yoga class)


Maki’s treatment was sensitive and complete. She loosened up my body and created a soothing and safe environment for me to relax. It was a gentle treatment which was very nurturing. Thanks Maki! X (Pranassage session)


Maki’s sessions are very relaxing and gentle, she is is able to connect with her students and has an understanding of how our bodies work. It has allowed me to work on my flexibility and get in touch with my inner-self. (Pranassage session)

Tomoe (Yoga teacher)

言葉ではうまく言い表せませんが、気持ち良くて夢のような時間でした。心地のいいプラーナが流れてカラダに染み渡りました~  (Pranassage session)