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Hi everyone, I’m Maki. I teach Yoga and give Pranassage sessions in Japan, Spain and the UK.

Yoga Class

The style of yoga I practice is a creative and meditative Hatha yoga. It is suitable for anyone who seeks the state of happiness, being connected with your inner-self, and being deeply relaxed, rejuvenated as if you became a child again.

The main focus of the practice is to flow Prana, a Sanskrit word for life force, throughout the body. In the class, I often use our imagination to relax our mind, so we can break our habitual movement patterns to be able to move freely.

The theme of the class will depend on the day, the weather, the season, the people happen to be there in that moment.

Pranassage® Sessions

Pranassage is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork. What makes Pranassage special is that you and I both will experience being in the present moment, and witness sensations and emotions arising and passing away.

To recieve Pranassage, you don’t need to have any knowledge of yoga. You can simply lie down on the mat, and I will guide your body to various yoga postures. It will give you a unique yoga experience while being relaxed and lying down on the floor. 

“The deeper we can relax without losing awareness, the more we can begin to feel the flow of prana that yoga promises.” – Amba Stapleton

Schedule & Booking

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Book your spot

If you are interested in attending any classes or receiving Pranassage session, please contact to 633 175 822 (Maki), or send an email to

*There are no classes on holidays, August, and December 24 and 31.


e-ryt500Maki has completed 200 hours of Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training® in 2008, 100 hours of Pranassage Practitioner™ Training in 2012, 100 hours of Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator® Training in 2019, and 100 hours of Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutic Essentials® in 2020. She is a 500-Hour certified Nosara Yoga Educator®.

All from Nosara Yoga Institute and Holt Yoga Institute. 



Yoga, pilates & Quietud Biodinámica®︎名称未設定-1

Hi, I’m Catuxa. I teach yoga and pilates, and give Quietud Biodinámica sessions. Each class is a unique experience, born from the presence.

Yoga and Pilates Classes


Through AWARENESS we accompany our body through different postures linked with soft transitions (VINYASAS). During the class I propose a sequence of movements that the students themselves, through the practice, learn to regulate in their own body, adapting the proposed practice to the state of their moment.

These adjustments and subtle variations are coming from the sensations, from listening to oneself, not from an intellectual organigram. The maximum number of students per class is 10. The classes are held in a comfortable room, warm in the winter and cool and ventilated in the hottest months. Each person in the group attends according to their particular needs.


Precision combined with flow. Lightness and centered strength. Movement control and knowledge. Awareness of the tensions that make us rigid and reduce our vitality, and the creation of new postural and kinetic patterns. Small groups. Personal attention.

Therapeutic Pilates

When you have punctual or chronic pain, it is difficult to find an acceptable and suitable exercise, here is your space.

From listening to your particular situation, I will accompany you through different movements and exercises guided with care, establishing a safe working framework in a shared class, in which each person can gradually find his/her own «medicine» of movement.


Individual Class

If you need or want special attention, or your schedule does not allow you to attend regular classes, this can be for you. Individual one-hour sessions, in which I will gently guide you through different postures and movements that will allow you to improve your posture, loosen certain chronic tensions, and finally, live to the full. Call me or write to my e-mail to make an appointment.

Quietud Biodinámica®︎ Sessions

Individual session. This therapy, a more spiritual evolution of craniosacral osteopathy is a journey to self-discovery that allows an expansion of consciousness. It is practiced on a massage table. Through a subtle touch of the therapist, a clean and unconditional accompaniment, the recipient has the opportunity to «look» inside, and that which was veiled, can then be felt, heard, attended, in short, healed. Non-intervention is essential in this practice. Call me or write to my email to make an appointment.


Schedule & Booking

Please contact me to book an apointment.

+34 649 191 944